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A few days ago, in my last post, I mentioned some sizzling personal tech products (s/w and h/w), which didn't work or at least didn't catch public attention. This post is slightly different. It gives us hope that all that is created is not bad. Here's a list of things that I personally think worked and created some good noise in the industry. 

As I say, this is my personal list and therefore I shall not be blamed for being biased. There may be (and there are) a lot of other revolutionary products, which are not featured in this list, and I seek an unconditional apology if they aren't here.
MacBook Air: This Core i5-based, ultra slim machine was a technology marvel. It certainly comes as close as any we've seen to being the ultimate ultraportable PC. It boasts of a significant performance improvement when compared to its predecessors and also a thinner price tag too.
HP ePrint: HP may have been on a downward spiral on many fronts but one smart thing they brought in 2011 was its ePrint service. This addresses a lot of issues by allowing you to print from mobile devices through email. Google's Cloud Print is also something similar but I would rate HP better than the latter.
Google +: Facebook is the norm in social networking space. Many an attempt was made to create another FB-like platform but everybody bit dust until Google + came. It gives a lot of desired features like privacy controls, integration with Google services and a superior mobile interface. The interface appears to be a little ahead of time but only until you familiarize with it.
Kindle Fire: iPad has been the icon of the overcrowded tablet market for quite some time. But the recent addition, the 7-inch, Android-based Amazon Kindle Fire is simply awesome. It ties into Amazon's extensive online services and comes at a cheap price of sub US$200.
Microsoft Office 365: Everything that Microsoft produces should not be looked down upon. One great cloud offering that the company launched in 2011 was Office 365. It offers good font and formatting options, file compatibility with desktop versions of Office, and an online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, making it one of the most formidable cloud-based productivity suites.
Internet Explorer 9: Though in the browser world, IE's reputation is not very good, its latest version (offering better security against malware) tries to put it in the good league. With its HTML5-friendliness, and GPU-enhanced graphics performance, IE9 will change the perception. If Google threatens MS time and again, here's the answer from the latter.
Trend Micro Mobile Security: As mobile device proliferation reaches to limitless extent and has started rolling our lives, there certainly is a need for better and enhanced protection. Trend Micro's Mobile Security (Personal Edition) for Android devices scans apps for malware, protects against phishing attacks, and also offers text- and call-blocking features.
I hope this list will grow longer in 2012. Wish you a very happy and peaceful new year.


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