Building a Data Culture


Many companies are spending money on systems, software, consulting, training and other services to be able to capture, process, analyze and use data. Successfully implementing big data initiatives is much more than just buying some software or systems. Successful big data initiatives require working on soft skills as well as organizational culture to ensure that the big data mindset is ingrained throughout the organization. 

BYOD - Freedom and Responsibility


Mobility is a multi-faceted asset, but some of the value it adds may actually be a cause for concern, especially in terms of the fine balance between rights and freedom. This would hold especially true when it is about mobility at the workplace. So one of the biggest challenges technology teams in any enterprise face, is how far to go and where to draw the line. 

V S Parthasarathy: From CIO to CFO of Mahindra & Mahindra


It is a great pleasure to write this today about Partha who was appointed the CFO of one of India's finest diversified, multinational conglomerate Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) in Nov 2013. Partha has been part of the Executive Board of the group and has also held the coveted position of the Executive VP and Group CIO at M&M.  

Are you a Failure-Tolerant Leader?


An effective leader is seen as someone who encourages well-reasoned creativity and risk taking, while also practicing tolerance for failure. Can a business develop a breakthrough product or process if it's not willing to encourage risk taking and learn from subsequent mistakes? How are you creating a culture that encourages risk taking and tolerance for failure? 



How Oberoi Group Hotels Achieved Real Value with Virtualization

Ashwani Mishra
Good hotels have affable staff to help you at check-in--but those with the best service take a step further. For the Oberoi Group hotels, technology has arguabl... 

Freebies from Apple and Microsoft: Is End is Nigh for Paid Software?

Ramnath Iyer, 
When the big daddies of the software world offer their services for next to nothing, would the small fry price their products and survive? We know that the race... 

Privileged Accounts Play a Key Role in Majority of Security Attacks

Ashwani Mishra
Rather than trying to protect the perimeter of a company's IT operations, Israeli cyber-security start-up CyberArk is singularly focused on protecting privilege... 

Does BI require Business to be Intelligent?

Arun Gupta
The generally accepted new belief is that business knows what they want; the level of awareness and understanding has improved. Decisions are now information dr... 

The Price Tag of Losing Data: Infographic

Shipra Malhotra, 
Besides demanding sacrifice of heads at the top, loss of brand reputation and break of customer trust, a single data breach can trigger off a chain of spirallin... 

Mobility a Key Focus at Mahyco

Ashwani Mishra
Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company Limited (Mahyco), from a humble beginning in 1964 as a seed production company, has come a long way to become the country's lea... 

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