How IT Enhances Productivity and Efficiency in Retail

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In today's age of disruptive innovations, technology is playing a far bigger role than ever before. It is playing a pivotal role in the Retail business as the nature of business is complex with huge volume of transaction data to handle. Today's customers are tech-savvy and they look for seamless shopping experience across multiple channels.  

Life in 2025: Will Humans be Humans?

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Internet and its ubiquitous stature has no doubt brought a lot of things closer to us, which were unimaginable about two decades ago. Internet for health, for education, for banking, for many more things has been a boon. We can't close eyes on those massive pros and can't take the credit away. But the positive side cannot be appreciate in isolation and isn't the only aspect. What's the negative side of it? 

The Value of Cyber Threat Intelligence


I just came back from the Next Generation Security Summit in San Antonio, Texas and I have to say that there were two surprising themes - cloud and cyber threat intelligence. I could speak about the vendors and their unique or specific offerings, but that would dilute the story a bit. Instead I want to talk about a conversation I had regarding cyber threat intelligence.  

Three Surprising Digital Business Trends for 2015

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PwC has published an interesting finding from one of their researches accomplished recently. The Digital IQ Survey found that enterprise business and IT leaders are looking for the traditional technology areas like cybersecurity (69%), private cloud (61%), and data mining and analysis (54%) as their top areas to invest. But there is more beyond just this list. Enterprise wearables and business sensors are slowly creeping in.  


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Your Company's Environmental Impact Isn't as Bad as You Think

Daniel Goleman, 
The VP of a worldwide coffee company was telling me about all the good changes they have made throughout their supply chain and manufacturing practices. There w... 
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Real Time Big Data Analytics & IOT

Rahul Neel Mani, 
According to a recent customer survey by Vitria, executives across the consumer, enterprise, and industrial sectors see enormous opportunity with real-time Big ... 

Balancing Exploration and Exploitation for Growth

Kapil Dev Singh, 
Growth is the goal of any business enterprise. The more the merrier is the general tendency in regards with growth. Higher growth than the competition is certai... 
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Three Lies about Meaningful Work

Adam Grant, 
In the 1980s, when Steve Jobs was trying to lure John Sculley away from Pepsi to join Apple, he clinched the deal with a single question: "Do you want to sell s... 

Last on the List (of IT Budget Priorities)

Arun Gupta
I got a frantic call from CIO, someone I had not spoken to for long; he was upset and I could visualize his agitated state, not that he was prone to such behavi... 
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5 Essential Elements of Growth

Kapil Dev Singh, 
Growth is an outcome of a complex combination of the environmental conditions and the actions at the business level. Since, too many variables are involved, a h... 

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