Keeping Innovation Simple and Consistent


Employees clearly have an obsession with simplicity at Interglobe Aviation Ltd. according to Aditya Ghosh, President and Executive Director at the company. It is more important to know what not to do, than try and do the next most innovative thing. According to him, the secret sauce lies in consistency. One does not necessarily go on proving the differentiator bit all the time. 

The IT Group as Cost Center - Or Innovation Center?


Why isn't IT expected to live up to a higher standard in demonstrating the benefits of projects and being more innovative in applying IT to the task of creating business value? Maybe IT could be called a cost center in the past but not today. Technology is the backbone of business today and is the driving force behind most innovations that have happened over the last few years. 

Why Zero Rating makes Perfect Business Sense


Valuations of B2C technology companies are not entirely driven by revenues and profits; user base, usage and demographics play a vital role in determining the value. With Zero Ratings, e-tailers, application developers, streaming media portals, corporates, etc. can pay the mobile operators for data consumed by users. Organizations using this as a differentiator will manage to build and retain their user base. 

Give up Inertia and Take the First Step!


Organizational inertia manifests itself in many ways; pushback to innovation, new ideas and change. This is an opportunity for every company and leader to introspect and take some uncomfortable decisions and explore how hype can be tamed and applied within. The CIO is well placed to take steps towards creating a dialogue that puts the elephant in the room and test hypotheses on impact to customer, employees, partners and stakeholders.  



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