IT Project Successes are Business Successes Too, Turning Around Failures - Part 2


No one expected the CIO to stand up to the big name Consultant and other CXOs who wanted to fire the IT vendor for a disastrous outcome; but he did and also raised some relevant points which do not get asked in such situations. The project started with flawed process design which was pushed through by the Consulting Company.  

IT Project Success is Business Success Too, What About Failures?

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It was pronounced a total disaster by the Sales Head in the management meeting; the teams were unable to use the solution that was launched with much fanfare and back slapping just a few months back. Usage reports indicated compliance of less than 20% from across the ranks with multiple reasons fighting for top position. 

CIOs Should Wear Marketing Hat to Leverage Value from Business Intelligence Systems


In the quest for implementing the best-of-the-breed technologies, organisations often seem to lose sight of the real reason of implementing technologies. Some use it to maintain parity with the peer group while more advanced ones want to have a competitive edge over the others. Business Analytics is one such strategic initiative that aims to differentiate organisations by leveraging information assets. 

Dell, EMC and the Unifying Theory of the Universe

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Today's blog may be a departure from our core policy because not only is it written by a non-CIO but also directly by a Vendor and seems to be a Vendor story. But it is vital for us to highlight such views as it affects a large part of CIO ecosystem. This blog is taken from Michael Dell's LinkedIn Pulse Post which he wrote last month after announcing the Dell-EMC merger - one of the IT industry's most ambitious, expensive and futuristic deals. 


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