Create the Best Policy But Exclude Me From It ...

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Every company that has an active audit function reviews compliance, risk and process strength linked to defined policies; the frequency of audit varies but at least once a year IT does figure in the calendar. They sift through logs, evidence of process adherence, change requests, documentation, defined standards, IT security, procurement discipline, and exceptions to all of these.  

Are Business Leaders Ready For The Digital Future?

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A study conducted by the Institute for the Future and Vanson Bourne on behalf of EMC suggests that very few businesses have embodied the attributes of a digital business in their fullness. Based on a survey conducted with 3,600 business leaders across 18 countries from mid to large enterprises the study establishes the fact that we need to do a fast catch up with it to retain the pole position.  

Digital Darwinism: Will You Survive the Fury?


If you want to stay ahead of the market as the leader, you would want to know what trends will affect customer demand. How will these trends affect hiring decisions? Are these new technologies (classified as digital) really equipped to power disruptive business models? What are those key factors that will help organizations survive digital disruption?  

Is Digital Transformation Really the Thing?


Many folks are talking about the 'digital' transformation that is happening today. These folks mention digital transformation as if its something new or different than any other transformation project. Digital transformation is nothing special or new...its just another change that companies have to undergo to remain competitive. 


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What's Your Growth Readiness?

Kapil Dev Singh, 
Customers are spoilt for choice, markets are dynamically competitive and opportunities are many yet fleeting. That's the new paradigm of business environment. T... 
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Smarter Cities Okay But What About Smarter Citizens?

Rahul Neel Mani, 
Why is it important to think of smarter citizens parallel to the smarter cities? Besides the obvious fact that we need to make cities a better home for a majori... 

Business 2 Employee Digital Services

Nagaraj G N, 
Interesting Saturday early morning bike ride with COOs and Strategy heads of five budding organisations. They are on the verge of breaking into the big league. ... 
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A Discussion with the CEO on Server and Storage Sizing

Arun Gupta
It was time to refresh the data center with existing infrastructure completing its lifecycle. The IT team gathered all the data and statistics on usage to arriv... 
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Can a Company Remotely Wipe an Ex-Employee's Device?

Shawn Tuma, 
One of my favourite sayings about cyber risk is "an ounce of prevention is cheaper than the very first day of litigation." A recent case provides a nice example... 

Customer Insights Paradox of the Digital Enterprise

Nagaraj G N, 
Enterprise India is going through the most exciting and disruptive phase it have ever seen so far. Having said that, I concede having such strong similar sentim... 

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