Commercializing IT - the CIO's Role in Driving Revenue

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CIOs today need to understand and push IT's contribution to the top line, not just the bottom. In a recent research project with Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, 28% of respondents said their company has commercialized internal IT initiatives. Companies with a sustained commitment to innovation were at 40%. 

Everything As A Service

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The 'Everything-As-A-Service' approach is one that makes a great deal of sense. If an organization can decide they need a new platform or a new application they don't have to undergo a long, drawn-out technology selection project and subsequent implementation project to get the right technology within their data center. 

The CIO and Integrity: This Shouldn't be Hard, Folks

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Surprising and disturbing IT-related news crossed my Twitter feed one night: a well-known CIO is being sued for alleged fraud by his former firm. My purpose here isn't to comment on this individual case; it's now in the courts, information is still sketchy about the details. My purpose is to talk about overall issue of CIO ethics and integrity, particularly with respect to financial matters. 

The CIO Job is So Easy!


Managing the complexity of the role and the balancing act that it demands from internal stakeholders expectations, team dynamics and its management, vendor ecosystem that needs periodic attention and finally the orchestration of all the components to keep everyone together aligned to the vision of the company's this all easy? Yes? Then the CIO's job is easy!  


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