Top Digital Trends in 2015: INFOGRAPHIC


Near field communications, the Internet of Things and wearables are some of the top digital trends expected to change the way brands communicate in 2015. This is according to the new findings from the digital consultancy arm of communications agency, Bell Pottinger, which captured the most talked about trends and compiled them into this infographic marking the top 15 digital trends for this year. 

Elephants Can Dance: Microsoft 2.0


Last week, Microsoft showed the world that elephants can dance. For a company that failed to see and shape the mobile revolution, the event told the world that Microsoft will shape the internet of things and lead unification of user experience across platforms and devices. It is clear that the company is innovating all over again and this time users will benefit along with the industry at large.  

Knowing Buzzwords Does Not Make You a Chief Digital Officer!


Pressure on IT leaders is intensifying as digital technologies - represented by SMAC - disrupt existing business. Here is a case of a CXO who took the mantle of leading the digital transformation of the enterprise. No one had asked him nor did anyone suggest that going digital was a priority for the enterprise. He was good at spewing buzzwords and had a basic though carbon dated understanding of IT. 

The New CIO Revisited


I've heard some people say that the IT group (and the CIO) is irrelevant in today's world. I disagree. I think the New CIO and the New IT group can bring a more value to an organization than any other part of the business. As CIO, you can continue doing things the way you used to or reimagine your role within the organization and deliver more value to the business than ever before. 



Lessons from Xiaomi for Startups

Ramnath Iyer, 
Doing things differently is mandatory for startups, but wild level of success is possible only if they can successfully disrupt the industry. So what makes Xiao... 

Cloud Helps Electrosteel Reduce IT costs by More Than 50 percent, 
Challenge   Electrosteel Limited, India's leading pipeline solutions provider, was looking to simplify IT operations and free-up resources from routine maintenance tasks.   Solution   Electrosteel decided to deploy Microsoft Office 365. The cloud-based solution includes Lync Online, One Drive, and Exchange Online.   Benefits   --Reduction in IT costs by more than 50... 

Creativity and the Modern CIO: INFOGRAPHIC, 
In six years there could be more than 50 billion connected devices in the world, dramatically changing the way...... 
Business Priorities.jpg

Efficiency and Productivity Top Business Concerns: Core Quadrant Research

Rahul Neel Mani, 
The recently research by Core Quadrant establishes that improving 'Efficiency' and 'Productivity' stayed the top concern (39%) of businesses in 2014 as compared... 

Dear Boss, You are fired!

Arun Gupta
Call it providence or just plain bad luck or for that matter the CIOs inability to get along with his newly appointed boss, things had just gone down over the l... 

"Building a Customer-First Culture is the Winning Strategy"

Ashwani Mishra
Great customer experiences produce great business results. The IT team at Bajaj Electricals Limited is working closely with marketing, PR, advertising and brand... 

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