Four Ways to Prioritize Your Priorities


It's time you took control of your to-do list, instead of letting your to-do list control you. If you focus on prioritizing, you can make sure the items you're crossing off are bringing you closer to achieving your goals. I recently spoke with Tony Wong, productivity and leadership expert, about prioritizing your priorities. He suggests the following four ways to achieve greater productivity. 

Consultants (Don't) Add Value


It is not just the fact that CIOs are averse to seeking help from consulting companies, they even shun away individual consultants retired or out-of-work/in-transition CIOs. Not sure how many actually had the courage to go and ask their respective boss to seek external help. This is despite the fact that the enterprise may have a history of engaging consultants for various business activities, strategic or operational. 

Cutting Across the CMO-CIO Divide: INFOGRAPHIC


CIOs and CMOs are working more collaboratively than before to take advantage of digital opportunities. However, the two entities remain at odds on a number of issues involving how to drive integrated digital marketing solutions for their customers. A study from Accenture finds that the marketing and IT functions must realize that digital is driving a new wave of collaboration as marketing becomes increasingly enabled by technology. 

Shouldn't India Learn from China's Digital Transformation?


According to the latest published report from McKinsey, China is in the midst of a digital revolution. During the course of 2013, the number of active smart devices grew from 380 million to 700 million. While this process is likely to displace some workers from existing roles, the Internet also creates new markets for innovative products and services, increasing demand for workers with digital skills.  


ID-data deluge.jpg

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Movie Trailer: CIO@YumLok

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