Don't Let Your Data Drive You

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Data isn't everything and allowing your business to be data driven without any real business context is a recipe for disaster. With proper planning, thought and management data (and the analysis of that data) can deliver real, long-term value to your business. Those companies that do well with data are the ones that allow themselves to control and analyze their data based on the current context of their businesses. 

Big Digital Leadership


Technology trends such as big data and the cloud are driving the IT agenda, as are technology-fuelled trends such as mobility and social media. Increased user empowerment as demonstrated by the BYOD movement is changing the CIO's role from technology manager to digital leader. This white paper explores these trends from a strategic perspective. It offers operational advice to turn these emerging themes into business value. 

Movie Trailer: CIO@YumLok

For the first time in the history, #DynamicCIO is producing a Movie that will be launched at CPC. The movie depicts the victory of a CIO in the most adverse conditions and thus titled "CIO@Yamlok". This is slated to released and previewed during CPC 2014 in New Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai on 06th Aug, 08th Aug, and 13 Aug respectively. have you booked your seat yet? To book one visit 

Seven Simple Steps to a Stress-Free Career


It's time to cut back on your stress by taking a few simple steps to declutter your work life. Unsurprisingly, work stress is bad for your health and for your productivity. Here are a few ways to go back-to-basics and show your career stress the door. Stress doesn't have to weigh down your career. To become happier and more productive, it's time to simplify your working life. 



Seven Simple Steps to a Stress-Free Career

Ilya Pozin
It's time to cut back on your stress by taking a few simple steps to declutter your work life. Unsurprisingly, work stress is bad for your health and for your p... 

The Rise of the Digital Bank, 
Digitization will change the traditional retail-banking business model, in some cases radically. Across Europe, retail banks have digitized only 20 to 40 percen... 

Big Data - It's Not Just For Revenue

Eric D. Brown, 
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Five Myths About a Digital Enterprise

Kapil Dev Singh, 
Digital Enterprise is a much broader concept but defined in very narrow terms. It is like the proverbial elephant, which is described by a few blind persons, ea... 

BYOD Employees Contributing More Hours at Work?

Ashwani Mishra
Bring Your own Device is becoming a rule rather than the exception in most corporate environments. A recent survey has found that employees in enterprises that ... 

Five Leadership Lessons from Successful Startups

Ilya Pozin
Everyone loves a good success story, but these tales can often also impart important leadership lessons. Many of the most successful companies today are collabo... 

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