Mission Digital India: An Achievable Target by 2019?


I was overwhelmed when our Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently unveiled his grand Digital India plan earlier this week. It was instantly followed by investment announcements to the tune of approximately US$ 70 billion from largest of the corporate houses. The fanfare was good but the reality should also be kept in mind.  

The Right Balance: Managing Well-Being at Work


The key signs of well-being are a sense of security, trust, and respect among co-workers and workers and their bosses. In my emotional intelligence model, this positive environment results when people feel a particular kind of empathy, called empathic concern, toward those they work with. This genuine caring makes a team member, for instance, happy to put in a little extra time helping out a teammate.  

Culture and Digital: The Under-Pxplored & Unexplored Aspects (Part-2)


In my previous blog yesterday, I discussed the four views of culture- the Normative, Power, symbol and Practice (read Culture and Digital- part 1). Once we have defined culture as these four views, the task of understanding it from digital (or IT) perspective will not only be easier but also become specific and meaningful. Each of these four views presents a unique challenge and a unique opportunity for digital. 

Culture and Digital: The Under-explored and Unexplored Aspects (part-1)


Almost any discussion on digital (or IT) is incomplete without some reference to culture. Culture has often been seen as an impediment or a roadblock, which organizations need to deal with while implementing digital projects. I see two basic problems with this treatment of the concept of culture. One, the phenomenon has not been understood holistically and two, the impact of digital on culture has not been explored and discussed. 



New CIO Dilemma: Build a Foundation or Create Quick Wins?

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40% of the Indian CIOs See Digital as a Priority this Year: Core Quadrant, 
Core Quadrant, research arm of, undertook two massive research studies during January-May 2015 timeframe to ascertain the importance and vitality... 
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The CIO in 2020: Dead, Surviving or Thriving ?

Arun Gupta
I don't like to make predictions, they have a habit of turning true; so I resist from making them. Having said that I do have a few weak points or triggers that... 

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