Can CIOs really become CEOs?


There has long been a debate as to whether CIOs have the right skills and experience to become CEOs. And whilst there have been some high profile examples of this happening they still tend to be the exception. The issue was brought to the fore again recently following comments by Isabel Rutland, the co-founder of Discover&Deliver, a luxury lifestyle website. 

Data: As Good as You Want to Make It!

Data Analysis.jpg

I'm currently working with a client who is very immature when it comes to data analysis. This particular client has no history of analyzing data and barely any history of reporting. Their idea of analysis is looking at a few finance reports to see how the business is doing. They really should know better - and their CEO said as much to me during our first conversation.  

DevOps: Why Agility Matters More Than Ever


By now, most of you would have noticed that, of late, a new term is being flung about more vigorously than ever: DevOps. And while it is no secret that there are clear and present gaps in the working and mutual collaboration (or its lack) between development and operations teams in the IT function, the rules of the game are changing more quickly and decisively in today's app economy. 

You Have to Dream Before Your Dreams Come True: APJ Abdul Kalam - 1931-2015


Today when Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam isn't with us, we feel the void that his absence created is seemingly impossible to be filled. DynamicCIO pays rich tributes to this scientific brain, man behind India's powerful space and missile programs and a top grade human being who worked above religion, caste and politics to promote scientific temper across the world.  



How Will the Internet of Things Impact the World of Business?

Richard Gough, 
The Internet of Things (IoT), a web of joined devices that communicate with each other, is one of the most examined technology themes of late, particularly as t... 
Career Passion.jpg

Four Strategies to Renew Your Career Passion

Daniel Goleman, 
The search for personal meaning can be an ongoing quest. It's a difficult process but it usually results in a very healthy and necessary awakening. Leaders, for... 

Dear CEO...

Ian Cox, 
Over the last few months I have had conversations with a number of CIOs that are indeed changing; they are becoming more business focused, thinking about the cu... 
Digital Leadership1.jpg

4 New Tenets of Leadership in the Digital Era

Kapil Dev Singh, 
A new era of digital is emerging and every organization, big or small, across industries and geographies will have to align with this new order. Imagine a cab d... 
IoT 1.jpg

How Business Must Prepare for IoT

Brian Pereira, 
The IT industry creates new buzzwords every few years and this year everyone is talking about Internet of Things and Internet (IoT) of Everything (IoE). But wha... 

Digital Transformation = Leadership+Culture+Agenda+Skills+Data

Rahul Neel Mani, 
Apart from the PMO's direct intervention what India, like Australia, the UK and Denmark, needs to urgently look at is establishing a Digital Transformation Offi... 

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