What CEOs Think of IT Matters, and What it Means for CIOs


As a CIO you have been looking for insights into your bosses' thoughts. The 2014 Gartner CEO and senior business executives survey throws light on what CEOs think of IT. As it turns out, the CEO mentions of IT related matters as a business priority are currently at the highest in a decade. It's time for CIOs to understand the ramifications and be prepared to deal with them. 

NSE Gathers Entire Ecosystem for Business Success and Growth


In today's business environment, the customer is our key focus. Growth cannot happen in isolation alone. We realized that for NSE as an organization to grow, we need the entire ecosystem to move and mature with us. Our tech summit is an initiative to provide thought leadership and give exposure to member brokers, financial institutions and service providers to the latest emerging technology trends. 

Overcoming Challenges of Enterprise Mobility Adoption


From the C-suite to the back office, employees at all levels are increasingly mobile and "wired." Mobility is revolutionizing the whole business process. However, the migration to a more mobile work environment poses significant new challenges for IT organizations. In this article, I have listed some of the key challenges that enterprises can face as they define their mobility strategy. 

Can Big Data Deliver Big Insights?

ID-big data.jpg

Analysts predict the value that different industries can gain from Big Data investments; no one is talking about the real value derived. Governments and large enterprises are making investments with equal zeal; providers and consultants are happy to make hay not just while the sun shines but until by accident they discover a needle in the haystack and make a case study out of it putting pressure on the rest of the gold diggers. 



Six Problems with Enterprises' Digital Dream

Kapil Dev Singh, 
The information and communication technologies and paradigms supporting an enterprise to become digitally led are emerging. But there are challenges too, which ... 

IT Transformation - Or Just Remaining Agile and Ready for Change?

Eric D. Brown, 
The transformation of IT is a necessity. Always has been and always will be. That said, don't let a focus on 'transformation' take up so much of your time and e... 

Indian Banks Not Shy of Social Media Anymore

Ashwani Mishra
Social media is slowly and steadily becoming a critical part of the strategy, and a new channel for Indian banks who are engaging customers on social platforms,... 

Apollo's Patient Engagement Platform Gets Over 1 Lakh Online Appointments, Enables Continuous Care

Shipra Malhotra, 
Challenge •Required patients to visit hospital to collect lab results, health check summaries, prescription drug refills, etc. Thus, increasing patient inconvenience in terms of travel costs and time.•Patients had to manage their own documentation file and carry it whenever visiting the hospital. Incomplete flow of patient health data among stakeholders made continuous care delivery model... 

Social Networks and Financial Institutions Top Phishing Bait

Anthony M. Freed
Phishing operations overwhelmingly choose to impersonate social networks and financial organizations to compromise targets, accounting for more than two-thirds ... 

"CIO of India" Series: As CIO of India, I Stand Up To the Challenge

Arun Gupta
The truest measure of any government's success is the value it creates for its citizens, communities and businesses. Today--more than ever--it is imperative to ... 

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