Tale of Three CIOs


The three incidents here spanning different companies had the three CIOs reaching out to me within a span of few months. All of them had high levels of anxiety and all of them wanted to get out as quickly as possible. Their stories were quite different and then they had many common elements too. They were victims of the same malaise which appeared to be more widespread than reported. 

How the 'Human CIO' is Transforming Technology Marketing Landscape: Infographic


With the work anywhere, anytime culture, today's CIO is always on, gathering information from a huge array of sources at any time of the day. Research carried out by Octopus Group has found that the modern CIO is switching to more ambient, ongoing data-gathering techniques to inform their purchasing decisions. This infographic gives a snapshot of the Human CIO's psyche. 

The Delivery Gap


Millions can be spent on the perfect strategy, but if that strategy isn't understood and accepted by the people within the organization (and its customers), that strategy is worthless. When an organization has the right strategy and the right operational systems and people in place and everyone has bought into and understands the strategy, your organization will be much closer to closing the delivery gap. 

IT Trends No CIO Should Ignore


Everyone loves a super achiever and if your achievements transform business and touch colleagues, then love will change to adulation. Today each CIO has the potential to earn that adulation, by identifying and embracing emerging technology trends that are truly transformative. These trends have been discussed ad nauseam but let's see how these trends can transform businesses and why CIOs should start evangelizing their adoption. 



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