How CIOs can Lead the Conversation?


Leading the conversation is about moving from being a reactive service provider - the old model for IT - to a proactive, partner or consultant that works alongside the rest of the business. This new type of IT function has a forward looking and outward facing perspective. It is focused on looking for opportunities to use technology to create new business models.  

Will Unified Data Protection Find Traction with Indian CIOs?


Enterprise backup has been a pain in the neck for CIOs and IT operations managers for long. As the storage environments grew more complex in where data is stored (tapes, disks, etc.) and how it is accessed, retrieved and managed--so did the headaches associated with backing up the data and being confident of restoring it quickly in case of a calamity. 

Time to Revisit and Redefine the IT Strategy & Roadmap


The recent developments in global economics, complemented with an integrated approach to products and services, show that it has become mandatory to revisit the IT strategy and redefine/refine it on the lines of a Digital Agenda the world is moving towards. The era of automating departments and functions to achieve efficiency is over and the Information Technology function cannot just keep their role limited to 'Keeping the lights on' mode 

IoT-enabled, Usage-based Insurance Can Mitigate Risks for Auto Insurers

Auto Insurance.jpg

At a time when the Indian insurance sector is facing slump, IoT can possibly be the game changer, creating newer business opportunities and re-thinking business models. The blog delves into how automobile insurance companies can integrate IoT into their business model to offer Usage Based Insurance plans, impacting both companies and consumers.  


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The Growing Clout of Chief Digital Officer: Will it Gulp the CIO?

Rahul Neel Mani, 
We are in interesting times - living in a world where theories are quashed even before their construction. We're in times when technology standards are becoming... 

What Does the Outflux of India's eCommerce Tech Leadership Indicate?

Shipra Malhotra, 
While all attention is garnered towards the fast growing valuations and numbers, many might have missed the out flux of senior technology leadership at four of ... 

Data Ownership within an Organization

Eric D. Brown, 
The key point of this is to highlight the fact that IT professionals don't "own" the data. We don't get to say 'yes' or 'no' to who gets access and what can be ... 

Your Company has Been Acquired, What Should you Do!

Arun Gupta
As a CIO if you are involved in a scenario where your company has been acquired, it is a feeling of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt). The blog explores the many q... 

Can CIOs Innovate With No Budget?

Ian Cox, 
Given the role that technology plays in digital, it is not surprising that the CIO is often expected to play a leading role in their organisation's innovation e... 
Retail vs etail.jpg

Can the Retail CIOs Lead the Battle Against eTailing?

Sanjay Gupta, 
In my previous post, I had written about how the retail sector globally as well as in India is readying itself to embrace an omni-channel strategy. Here, let me... 

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