Mobile App Development Takes Too Long, Costs Too Much: Infographic


The number of enterprise-built mobile apps continues to rise. However, the time and money it takes to build them, and a lack of a mobile strategy, are holding companies back from making the most of mobile. This is preventing businesses from creating apps that disrupt or seriously change business processes. This infographic and study highlights how CIOs are looking to create more efficient development processes. 

The Cloud: Gateway to Enterprise Mobility


One of the main focus points for mobility strategies for organizations should be the cloud. The cloud is a game-changer when it comes to mobility strategy and implementations. The cloud can help off-load already over-burned data centers and IT systems as well as helping to make the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) paradigm a reality with very little overhead within the organization. 

Designing the Sandbox for Enterprise Innovation

Sandbox image.jpg

The Sandbox for enterprise innovation, a new piece of software running on IT-sanctioned environment, should provide freedom from issues that confront today's enterprise app development teams. This necessitates a platform that not only encourages enterprise innovation but also makes innovation application projects effortless. While it is easier to understand the need for innovative business applications, enabling their development is not easy. 

How Modi Sarkar has Already Accelerated SMAC Adoption in India


The new Government of India has been credited for a number of things including changing the era of coalition politics, building relationships with neighbouring countries, fixing the policy paralysis and so on. However, increased SMAC adoption is not something that even the staunchest supporter will ascribe to the current government! Then why am I swimming against the tide and saying the opposite? 


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