Interactive Analytics: A Tool for Opening Up Your Data


To be successful working with big data, organizations really need to get their data into the hands of the people that know the data the best. In the past, this has been rather difficult to do. Giving your employees access to properly managed data combined with interactive analytics packages opens up an enormous amount of value to the organization and the organization's data.  

Commercial Mobile Apps Can Sneak Out Corporate Data


Where are the mobile apps coming from in the organization? If an app can make or break the enterprise mobility agenda, isn't this then a relevant question the CIO/CISO should be asking and investigating? Commercial mobile apps from public app stores by employees come with little or no security assurances, and could be posing a serious threat to enterprise security. It's time for CIOs/CISOs to gear up for mobile apps crackdown. 

The Rise of The Chief Marketing Technologist: Infographic


Marketing is becoming one of the most technology-dependent functions in business. A new type of executive is emerging at the centre of the transformation: the chief marketing technologist (CMT). Every aspect of marketing -- from brand, experience design and demand generation, to content marketing, analytics and measurement -- is affected by technology. This infographic highlights the role of the CMTs and their increasing role in the business. 

Does the Name of Your Company Matter?


As human beings, we evaluate information quickly and make judgements in a snap. In fact, Harvard research has pinpointed snap judgements can be made in as little as three to four seconds of meeting someone. For reference, this is barely enough time to say hello, but the human brain has already made a friend-or-foe decision. However, they might spell disaster for individuals and businesses with the wrong names. 



My Refrigerator Has Gone Shopping!

Arun Gupta
I was at this conference where one of the streams focused on Internet of Things or as some speakers preferred to call it Internet of Everything. Every speaker w... 

Enterprises Creating Value with Social Business

Ashwani Mishra
Social platforms have moved from an easily dismissed fad to a valued business discipline. A study finds that social business has had a positive effect on compan... 

The Insurance Industry and Big Data

Eric D. Brown, 
Big data has given insurance companies the ability to mine social media for all sorts of activities. According to reports, insurance companies are beginning to ... 

The 'Internet of Things' Will Change Everything About How Businesses Operate

Rahul Neel Mani, 
Some exciting new dimensions of IT are adding great value to the businesses and are compelling CIOs to think beyond the obvious, out of the box. One such techno... 

HDFC Securities Executes Online Trades Up to 60 Percent Faster

Ashwani Mishra
ChallengeAs a subsidiary of HDFC Bank, HDFC Securities, a leading financial services firm in India, needed to ensure high availability for its online trading platform to support the rapidly growing customer base and daily transaction load. The company's legacy servers and storage systems did not meet service-level agreements and could not scale to support... 

Applying Crowdsourcing to Enterprise: Lessons from Starbucks

Shipra Malhotra, 
Crowdsourcing based functions is going to be one of the key digital business operating models. CIOs can ill afford to ignore it anymore. Innovation, customer ex... 

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